Stars Without Dice

Random generators for Stars Without Number revised edition
Generating a Sector

The sector generator has the following functions:

  • Generate a sector based on a random or user-provided seed
  • Rearrange the hexes (), reset back to the original grid ()
  • View star and world information including population, atmosphere, biosphere, temperature, and tags
  • Save the hex grid as a .png image ()
  • Export the worlds as a .csv file () to be used in Google Sheets or Excel
    • When importing, be sure to select the option to not convert text to numbers or dates, leading zeroes on the hex coordinates will be removed if they're interpreted as numbers
  • The URL in your browser's address bar is unique to the current sector. Bookmark it to view the same sector again.

Other Functions

Various random tables from both the revised edition and original book can have results generated via the "Generate" menu at the upper left.